Our team has many years’ experience in software development in London. Led by Msc graduate Graeme Drysder, DesignPage teamed up last year with Leeds-based York Place Media to offer Yorkshire, alongside the south of England and the rest of the UK, its top quality and comprehensive website design service. While YPM in Leeds prepares text and pictures for a client’s site, the DesignPage team works on the design and technical details of the website, creating an initial framework to suit the requirements of each client. Particular attention is paid to establishing and reflecting the priorities of a customer’s business. In Leeds and at DesignPage, which is located in Hertfordshire, we build bespoke websites, no two being the same.

With the Leeds business using its copywriting skills, DesignPage meanwhile employs computer know-how to optimise a client’s presence on the web and highlight their business’s qualities. We have two main principles:

  1. Development of an unbeatable site that incorporates all the necessary facilities demanded of the business that it serves;
  2. Optimum exposure on the web to ensure the site attracts as many visitors as possible.

It means that your business is able to more than match competitors and to expand its operations if and when desired.

Here at DesignPage in Hertfordshire and YPM in Leeds, we bridge the North-South divide and liaise closely with clients to ensure we understand their business plans and aspirations and then together we build a site to meet those demands. We are aware that businesses vary and the ambitions of owners differ but our job is to deliver what you need and as a result we make each site unique. It might be that a relatively straightforward site best suits your business, one that announces the business’ existence, wherever you may operate: in Leeds or London, Edinburgh or Exeter Such a site provides a succinct summary of the services or stock you supply. A more sophisticated website might be one where the updating of details is frequent, a restaurant for instance whose menu changes are an important factor of its trade. Its main aim is to provide a service to current customers and maintain their loyalty. Sports clubs and societies and church groups and the like may find such sites of particular use And then there are businesses whose websites are vital in relaying information not just to existing customers but are essential in securing new clients – a site that keeps the business ahead of its rivals. High-profile exposure is an essential element of such a site, whether you are based in Leeds or London or elsewhere and we employ a range of techniques to ensure this – from sophisticated software to the employment of key-word copy. We incorporate whatever functions are needed on the site, including on-line quote facilities and integrated payment systems. So whether you’re a small firm in or a giant enterprise, in London or in Leeds or anywhere else in the UK, we’ll be pleased to hear from you. We are also here at DesignPage in Hertfordshire happy to hear from businesses wanting to upgrade an existing site or to develop a smartphone-friendly version of it. You can make your initial enquiry on our Contact Page.