Services we currently provide include:

Website Design

We a provide bespoke website design service, building websites that will appeal to your target audience. Our websites are responsive and will automatically adapt to whatever device your customer is viewing your website on, albeit their mobile phone, tablet or their desktop PC.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website is good but having a website that attracts custmers is even better. Most internet savvy customers make use of their favourite search engine when they have a need for some service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your websites visibility on search engines. SEO involves comprises of on-page techniques and off-page techniques.

The aim of on-page techniques is to improve your web pages ratings to search engines and involves looking at keywords your customers are likely to use to find your site and then including these keywords in the textual content and HTML code of your site to help the search engines know your website covers these topics.

Off-page techniques involves getting other sites to link to your site. These links are used by search engines to help determine how to rank your website. Search engines are particularly interested in sites whose content is related to yours.

Okay, your website is now being ranked highly by the search engines but it may not always remain so. Hence, refreshing your website with new content every so often helps you retain your search engine ranking - this is where your website benefits from our teaming with York Place Media .

Custom Website Contentby York Place Media

Custom website content really goes hand-in-hand with SEO techniques as the aim is to craft the content with the correct density of keywords while retaining the flow of the content and keeping your reader interested. We partnered with York Place Media to help provide the correct balance of bespoke content to promote your business and with their judicious use of keywords maintain your website's search engine rankings.

Website Hosting and Maintenence

Websites need to be hosted on a environment suitable for the number of customers that visit your website and they need to be maintained. We provide a comprehensive website hosting and maintenance service to suit your needs.